A Look back On Lena Horne’s Life: Lena Horne’s Pictures


UK Today News: A Look back On Lena Horne’s Life + Lena Horne’s Pictures

Lena Horne was the most elegant vision that America had ever seen, but it was many years till time went by, when Hollywood thought it wasn’t time for a black leading lady to take on the country, even though her beauty and looks take the audience’s breath away.

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As a singer she was in her 60’s, when she finally went on the Broadway in 1981-82 and actually showed the whole world what only one song of hers could do.

She died in New York at the Presbyterian Hospital at the age of 92. She stepped into her swing in 1932 by joining the Cotton Club Chorus line and it was a long time from there that before the whole world realized who she was.

She started her career in the 1930’ with singing and they it took a long time for everyone to understand her songs. Her movies came next, as she was called a screen goddess of the time. But even though she performed in the nightclubs and the Broadway, it took America nearly half a decade to really know her talent.

She even reached the Tony nomination for her 1957 movie – Jamaica. But Hollywood would let her perform much, rather limited her to musical inserts.

Lena Horne’s Pictures
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Lena Horne

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