X51A Waverider All Set To Break Record Of Hypersonic Flight


UK Today News: X51A Waverider All Set To Break Record Of Hypersonic Flight

An experimental aircraft being built by aircraft giant, Boeing, named the X51A Waverider is all ready to break the record of air flight history, by flying at hypersonic speed.

X-51A WaveRider

A hypersonic flight is believed to be something at six times the speed of sound or Mach 6. The flight test was conducted off the coast of Southern California.

According the US Air force website, the aircraft was released from a B-52 ‘Stratofortress’. They stated that the flight initially took the speed of sound and then slowly accelerated to its proposed Mach 6, where it remained in hypersonic flight for 200 seconds, after achieving hypersonic speed it gradually decreased its acceleration.

Charlie Brink, program manager for the X51A project, said they were satisfied and happy as they covered many points during the test of the first hypersonic flight. He also stated a strong point in the history of aviation, that this could be compared to the time during the world war, when there was a jump in technology of aircraft, from propeller driven engines to jet powered engines.

Its amazing and astonishing about what can technology can do, as it just keeps getting better and better as time passes by. Who knows what lies ahead?

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