Jim Greer – Ex- Chairman of Florida Convicted on Felony Counts


UK Today News: Jim Greer – Ex – Chairman of Florida convicted on felony counts

Jim Greer, who was the head of the Florida Republican Party, was arrested by the police from his residence today near Orlando, officials stated.

Jim Greer

At a press conference on Wednesday, prosecutor William Shepherd stated, Mr. Greer was indicted by the jury on six felony charges which include; organized crime of defraud, money laundering and four counts for grand theft.

Shepherd stated to the press that, Greer had developed a scheme to take out money from the party, and then he used it for his own personal expenses. After investigations it was known that Greer had used almost $125000 of the $200000 which was collected from the party.

Greer was named as a ‘subject of criminal probe concerning’ the money which he funneled for his personal use through a company called Victory Strategies.

Greer was a close ally of the Governor Charlie Crist, and in January he had stepped down from his post following the pressure from the party activists and he was also outraged by the party’s lavish spending from the funds. Commenting on Greer’s arrest he said that it was clearly disappointing but, he doesn’t feel complicit about him.