Paul The Octopus To Be Transferred To Madrid Zoo Aquarium


UK Today News: Paul The Octopus To Be Transferred To Madrid Zoo Aquarium

Paul the psychic octopus, is reportedly set to be transfered from his aquarium in Germany to a new aquarium home in Madrid, Spain. This has happened after the octopus correctly predicted Spain’s World Cup 2010 win. The Madrid Zoo Aquarium will be his new home in Spain.

Paul the Octopus
Pic: Roberto Pfeil/AP

Reports say that the Madrid Zoo Aquarium would not take any offer from the Oberhausen Aquarium in Germany, in the place of Paul. Since the octopus helped to predict the next World Cup winner, the Spanish were eager to bring him to Madrid. For the current offer, there has been no reports of cash exchange yet, but rather animals would be swapped between the aquariums.

The Zookeeper of the Madrid Zoo Aquarium stated that they were all set to bring Paul to their Aquarium, and they are prepared to offer the German Oberhausen Aquarium any animal in return. However, he also suggested that it would be a cash plus an animal exchange. He also stated that Paul would be kept in the aquarium with lots of loving care and attention, as he has now gained a lot of respect and importance in Spain.