BP’s New CEO Bob Dudley Says Worst Of The Oil Spill Is Possibly Over


UK Today News: BP’s New CEO Bob Dudley Says Worst Of The Oil Spill Is Possibly Over

It’s been 100 days since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion took place and resulted in the worst oil spill in U.S history and with almost a thousand workers connected to the Gulf becoming jobless, sensitive ecology being damaged and tourism fleeing the region, new BP CEO Bob Dudley says that the worst is likely to be over.

Bob Dudley
Bob Dudley

Dudley told CNN: “I think — no guarantees — but I believe there will be no more oil flowing into the Gulf as of the 15th of July.”

Reports say that BP’s clean process and efforts to hold the leaking well and containment of the oil, seems to have caught solid ground. On Monday, there was some good news as around 800 skimmers in the Gulf of Mexico collected only one barrel of oil, which suggests that the new cap fixed two weeks ago is probably doing well.

Admiral Thad Allen stated that the first step to start sealing the well will begin from Monday.They will be pouring mud and cement from above into the well so that it is plugged completely – it is called static kill. Once this is completed, the next step would be bottom kill, which will include the process of sealing the well completely by an intersecting relief well.

Article Source: CNN