Pregnancy Information – Getting Pregnant At Age 42 Is Not Impossible Says Researchers


UK today News: Pregnancy Information – Getting Pregnant At Age 42 Is Not Impossible Says Researchers

By Tessy M — Having a baby can be exciting and fun. But for mothers who delay childbearing and pregnancy until their late thirties and early forties, it can become a cause to worry thanks to one’s ticking biological clock. However, researchers now say that this is not impossible for most women.


A lot of couples nowdays prefer to postpone pregnancy, as a number of women are mostly career minded and hence a lot of moms over 40 are growing even more rapidly than before.This comes as no surprise that there are lot of women having difficulties in conceiving in their forties. As a matter of fact, many people are still oblivious on how to get pregnant at 42.

Women who still want to conceive at 42 must expect a rough road ahead. It is a known fact that the eggs of a woman reduces when she reaches a certain age. Yet, there are still other women who have the right amount of eggs to be able to get pregnant, as long as they follow the right tactic. Truly speaking, scientists are more benefited because they now have more data to address the concerns of these women.

It also better to consult your physician before deciding on anything. The couple will have to undertake fertility assessment test with the physician. This way, the woman is ensured that there is nothing wrong with her reproductive functions.

Prior to doing any research, women were told they had very grim prospects of getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy child. Science has now shown us that this is not necessarily true. Here are some areas of concern for midlife moms:

Fertility is certainly not an issue with every mother over the age of 30. However, even men, will have a decline in fertility beginning in their thirties.

Pregnant woman

Women in their late thirties may actually ovulate less frequently, their eggs are harder to fertilize and they are more likely to experience problems with endometriosis and blockages of the fallopian tubes. There have been many technological advances in fertility treatments, enabling many women who previously would have had trouble to conceive. Good preconceptional care can help you prevent and identify these potential problems before they are of concern.

Besides this, the doctor will also look at your hormones, perform an ultrasound, and check the sperm count. If specialized
assistance is needed, the couple can go to a fertility specialist. This specialist offers services for couples with fertility

After that, if there is actually something wrong with your fertility, then you will be subjected to a treatment. Most often than not, you will be given prescription drugs that encourage multiple pregnancies. By doing so, you will have an increased probability of getting pregnant.


In-vitro Fertilization

In case there is a failure of medical treatment, couples can also go in for artificial insemination. In case your partner is over 42, his sperm cells will most likely have a hard time reaching the fallopian tube, or he may have a low sperm count. During the artificial insemination, the sperm will be positioned near the cervix if ovulation happens.

If it still does not work, you can opt for IVF. This is done by fertilizing the egg and sperm in a laboratory. After the second day, the fertilized eggs will be positioned in the womb of a woman. At times, there are possibilities wherein the eggs can implant in the uterine wall. This is said to cause multiple pregnancy.

Despite the common notion that women over 40 can never be pregnant, they should never lose faith and keep trying the same way that many celebrities did and succeeded in getting babies. Some examples are “Friends” star Courteney Cox-Arquette, “Desperate Housewives” star Marcia Cross, Hollywood actress Kelly Preston, former Supermodel Brooke Shields and a host of others.

(The author is a mother of 2 children)