Nokia To Re-brand Comes With Music Unlimited Service to Ovi Music Unlimited


UK Today News:  Nokia To Re-brand Music Unlimited Service to Ovi Music Unlimited

Reports say that Nokia is re branding its Comes With Music unlimited mobile music service and will most likely keep it under its Ovi umbrella.

The Nokia service will be renamed to the name Ovi Music Unlimited, the campaign is a major marketing campaign for Nokia.


An email by Nokia was circulated to users of Comes With Music which stated,

“We are excited to tell you that Comes With Music will soon be part of Ovi. Along with a new name and a sleek new look that is easier than ever to use, with Ovi Music Unlimited (formerly Comes With Music) you’ll still have access to millions of free tracks, plus, a faster, easier way to browse, search and download music.”

The Nokia subscribers are advised not to make any changes to their account details for some time.

The Nokia Comes With Music was launched in the UK in the year 2007, this change in the name was brought when the service was launched in India and will now be under the name Ovi Music Unlimited.