Al – Qaeda Releases Two Spanish Captives In North Africa


UK Today News: Al – Qaeda Releases Two Spanish Captives In North Africa

Al – Qaeda in North Africa has set free two Spanish captives. These captives have been released in Mali. The Islamic group that had captivated three foreigners in the month of November last year in Mauritania had already released one, Alicia Gomez in March this year.

Al - Qaeda

The local newspapers of Spain claim that the authorities have denied the release of Roque Pascal and Albert Vitalta from the Al – Qaeda. The group had allegedly demanded $5m payoff for these captives, whether were they paid this ransom or not is not known as of known.

Islamic Maghreb’s Al- Qaeda mainly functions in the Sahara Dessert and is reportedly kidnapped many foreigners in the past few months. This group came into existence in 1990’s with the Algerian militia who aimed at fighting the ruling government.

The Al – Qaeda there has diversified their operations in the areas, where there is hardly or no security force at all. The regions of Mauritania, Algeria, Mali and Niger will mostly see Al – Qaeda’s territory spread there.