‘The Hobbit’ Might Be Shifted To New Zealand Says Peter Jackson


UK Today News: ‘The Hobbit’ Might Be Shifted To New Zealand  Says Peter Jackson

Film Director Peter Jackson of ‘The Hobbit’, reportedly states that disputes over payments could possibly hamper further production of the movie.

Peter Jackson

Jackson, who has been the Lord of the Rings director, said that the movie might have to be shut down in the extreme case or the second possibility is that they might shift the movie’s base to New Zealand. He said, “Seriously, if the Hobbit goes east (Eastern Europe in fact) – look forward to a long, dry big-budget movie drought in this country.”

The acting unions are hoping that the actors of ‘The Hobbit’ will not work until the pay disputes are sorted out. The International Federation of Actors, exclaimed that it is high time now that the actors of ‘The Hobbit’ should ask for the union contracts.

Jackson might as well direct ‘The Hobbit’ if Guillermo del Toro quits his post due to the delay in the movie over the ongoing issue.