Alberto Contador – The Spanish Cyclist Tested Positive In A Substance Test


UK Today News: Alberto Contador -The Spanish Cyclist Tested Positive In A Substance Test

Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador has been tested positive for a banned drug. But the Spokesperson for the cyclist said that the sportsperson was suffering from food contamination and that the further information would be given by Contador himself at a press conference that is scheduled on Thursday.

The winner of the Tour de France of 2010 was tested for clenbuterol. It is a stimulant that helps in increasing one’s breathing capacity. The substance is also consumed for increasing the flow of oxygen in the blood vessels.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has informed that Contador is temporarily under suspension after the failed tests. The statement by the UCI said, “The rider had been “formally and provisionally suspended as is prescribed by the World Anti-Doping Code” after both his A and B urine samples tested positive in a laboratory in Cologne, Germany.”

The press conference today will clarify Contador’s side which will indirectly help is coming to a certain conclusion regarding the case.