Sony PSP Phone – Is The Reported Gingerbread Powered Phone For Real?


UK Today News: Sony PSP Phone – Is The Reported Gingerbread Powered Phone For Real?

Japanese technology giant Sony Corporation is rumored to possibly launch a PlayStation Phone, according to reports by tech site Engadget, The reports state that this latest phone is likely to bridge the differences between a phone and portable game module. In addition to the report, the website also revealed some alleged leaked photos of what could possibly be the PlayStation Phone that the world has been waiting for.

The Sony PSP

Engadget reports that the phone is expected to run with the latest Google Android platform, called Gingerbread. In addition to it, it will have Sony Marketplace, which would allow the users to download games. The report also states that the phone hit the market by February 2011.

There is also speculation stating that the phone won’t have the PlayStation tag and could be possibly launched under the “Sony Ericsson” line. It has also been confirmed by speculators that Sony has kept a team of games and multimedia engineers to design and build this phone. The phone is likely to pose a direct threat to many smartphones available in market and as well as some gaming consoles.

Sony has not commented on these rumors, nor has it confirmed that the leaked photos are really the Sony PlayStation phone. As it is with all rumors, only time will tell if the Sony PlayStation phone is real or not.