Lily Allen Loses Baby After Illness


UK Today News: Lily Allen Loses Baby After Illness

British singer Lily Allen again has been forced to go through the same horrible phase of her life again,  after she suffered her second miscarriage in the past two years,  repors her publicist on November 1. Allen was six months pregnant with her and boyfriend Sam Cooper’s child.

Sources state that the couple was expecting a boy. Allen and 32 year-old Cooper were reportedly in a relationship since the past year and a half. The couple were eagerly awaiting the birth of their baby, and Allen is devastated about the loss of her child. She tweeted “Say a little prayer” on her Twitter page.

Reports state that the singer was suffering from a viral infection, and was immediately rushed to the hospital after she complained of cramps in her stomach.

A source close to the couple informed, “Lily and Sam are both devastated. Lily had kept quiet for three months until she had the scan and doctors told her everything was okay. She was understandably so nervous after having had a miscarriage before.”

The source further added, “This is a nightmare for her and Sam. It’s too early to say how she will be able to cope with this. They are both heartbroken.”

Allen,25, had suffered her first miscarriage in 2008, when she was four months pregnant.


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