Nicaragua blames Google Maps error for Costa Rica invasion


UK Today News: Nicaragua blames Google Maps error for Costa Rica invasion

Google maps has been blamed by the Nicaraguan government, following the invasion of Costa Rica a few days ago. The internet giant had to immediately update the border map between the countries, as these countries were on the brink of impending disaster due to this error.

Google made statement saying, “It is our goal to provide the most accurate, up-to-date maps possible. Maps are created using a variety of data sources, and there are inevitably going to be errors in that data.”

The Nicaraguan army reportedly entered Costa Rica, dropped the country’s flag and raised their own, alleging that the region belonged to them. After the General was asked why he committed such an act, he stated that this region was visible on Google Maps, as a part of Nicaragua.

The Costa Rica government on the other hand, has asked for a formal explanation from Google, since such a mistake had put the country in danger. The dispute between the two countries is over the river San Juan, which was seen flowing in the territory of Nicaragua, and in reality, it belongs to Costa Rica. For quite some time, there has been a strong dispute between these countries over the river and region around it.


  1. The San Juan River does not belong to Costa Rica, and we Costa Ricans do not care about that filthy stupid river… What they did was to invade our territory based on wrong data recorded by Google maps…

    Any intelligent country would never base their territory data with internet information. That is very stupid.

  2. We Costa Rican’s have created a peaceful coutry where half a million nicaraguan work and send money back to their country. Instead of attacking the work place of such an large amount of people, they should invest in creating an environment those people can return if they choose to.