G20 Summit – US President Barack Obama arrives in Seoul


UK Today News: G20 Summit – US President Barack Obama arrives in Seoul

US President Barack Obama has reached South Korea on Wednesday, ahead of the much awaited G-20 summit. The summit is going to take place at the capital city of the country, Seoul. The G-20 summit involves talks regarding the stabilization of the global financial market, for which leaders from various countries have assembled.

Photo: AP

The President would also be meeting the Presidents of South Korea and China – Lee Myung-bak and Hu Jintao. His schedule includes him delivering a speech to US troops in South Korea on Thursday, which is observed as the Veterans Day holiday in the United States.

Obama’s earlier halt in his Asian tour was at Indonesia, from where he had to leave a few hours early because of Mount Merapi’s ash clouds — which hinted on the possibility of disruption in the air route.

The recent past saw US and China blaming one another for manipulating their respective currencies at the cost of the rest of the countries’ fiscal systems. The G-20 summit that is going to be held tomorrow, promises to solve certain economical problems.