Four Loko likely to be banned in several US states following FDA crackdown

UK Today News: Four Loko likely to be banned in several US states following FDA crackdown

After being surrounded by controversy, Phusion Projects’ Four Loko could get banned in several American states, following the FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) ruling against four caffeinated alcoholic drinks manufacturers – to either stop adding caffeine to their products or stop selling them completely. The FDA has given the ultimatum of 15 days to these manufacturers.

The FDA Commissioner, Margaret Hamburg says that adding caffeine as a stabilizer to these drinks, is an illegal solution. She said that it can pose a great threat to the health of the consumers of such drinks.

The manufacturers who were warned include Phusion Projects “Four Loko”, Charge Beverages, New Century Brewing and United Brands. The warning letters to these companies also state that if the corrective measures were not taken at the right time, the FDA will have to act more aggressively. They might even seize stock from stores.

Following reports of hospitalizations of consumers of these drinks, the FDA’s investigation has led to 24 such makers, but they have chosen these four because they are the ones which are the biggest brands in the US.

Washington, New Jersey, Utah and New York, have already banned Four Loko, and many other states are in the process of banning the energy drink.

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