Thousands of schools shut in the UK due to fresh snowfall


As the temperatures in the UK continue to drop, several schools have been shut down due to heavy snowfall in many parts of Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland. Reports state that around 900 schools in Scotland, 650 in Northern Ireland and 70 in Cumbria were shut down on account of the freezing temperatures and excessive snowfall.

Photo Credit: Wenn

The MET officials have warned of icy roads across the UK and have also advised people not to travel, unless essential. Several drivers were forced to be stranded overnight, after the central belt was hit by heavy snow fall.

Local reports state that 150 parents, children and staff spent a night in the South Lanarkshire school. Officers had also rescued a 51 year old woman through a helicopter, after she fell off a foot path.

Many vehicles were either stranded or deserted on the roads, due to which, the officials were facing difficulty in clearing the stranded traffic.