SpaceX Dragon spaceship successfully launched from Florida


California’s SpaceX company launched a private US capsule Dragon and Falcon 9 on Wednesday, from California, USA The rocket is aimed to enter the circular orbit about 300 kms above the Earth. After completeing a series of moves in space, the capsule will reportedly drop itself in the Pacific.

SpaceX has a contract worth $ 1.6 billion with the US space agency (NASA), which will provide 12 spacecrafts with a capacity of a minimum of 20 tonnes to refill the International Space Station through 2016. This is an attempt to hand over the carriage of freight and crew transport to the ISS in the hands of the private sector.

This will be one of the three tests to prove the designs of the SpaceX to work as designed. NASA officials and the company had also attempted to turn down the expectations of the mission, by telling the media that there is always a risk of accidents in an attempt to launch new technologies.