UK’s House of Lords approves University tution fee hike


UK Today News: The UK government’s plan to increase university tuition fees by three times, was approved by the House of Lords on Tuesday. The students at English Universities will have to pay 9000 pounds a year as tuition fees, much to the discontent of students across the UK.

Photo: Reuters UK

Reports state that the decision to hike the fees was voted by the unelected assembly, which was backed by the decision of the House of Commons last week. The hike in the tuition fees was one of the efforts of the government, to lower the burden from the state to the students. With the successful effort of the state, it will now save about 19 percent of the tuition fees for the next four years.

The attempts to raise tuition fees had led to protests across the country. Last week, anti-fee hike demonstrators created havoc in front of the parliament, and some even went to the extent of attacking the car in which Britain’s Prince Charles was traveling.