Southeastern staff to vote for strike over job cuts in London stations


UK Today News: The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) is planning to reduce the number of team leaders from 14 to 8m and such plans have triggered the Southeastern train staff to vote on whether to go on strike for such changes at London stations.

The Union is of the opinion that such changes are likely to create confusion for passengers, and are expected to put a question mark on the safety of the passengers. According to the Southeastern, none of the team leaders would be sacked, just the role of the team leader will be changed.

Each station has seven team leaders and they work between the station management and the staff members. They also interact with the customers in the station. The figures have been reduced to four at each station and have also assure that the loss of six posts will not lead to job cuts and that such employees will be appointed new posts or will be reassigned.