Dentist’s drilling machine noise to be a thing of the past


UK Today News: A visit to a dentist is usually a nightmare for most of us, especially for children. The medicine odor and the scary drilling sound at the dentist’s clinic, tends to increase the heart beats of the patient. But the scariest nightmare of a patient would be the dreadful sound of the drilling machine used by most of the dentist. And in some good news for such patients, the scientists at the King’s College London, have invented a drilling machine minus the drilling sound.

The invention came from an idea developed by Professor Brian Millar from the King’s Dental Institute. The patient’s music player (a mobile or a an MP3 player) is connected to the device. The patient is thus treated with some music and at the same time can also hear the dentist.

Reports have said that, a mic placed near the drill helps the patient to hear the dentist and produced an inverted sound wave which cuts the drilling sound. Attempts are being made by the inventors to make the product available in the market.