Women seeking early abortion to be under observation through entire process


UK Today News: As instances of unwanted pregnancies have risen over the past few years, women who wished to have an abortion in their early weeks of pregnancy, were given their first pill in the clinic and were sent home with the second pill to be taken after 24 to 48 hours. But the UK court has undertaken that the second pill must be taken in the clinic, as the abortion at home may be life-threatening.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service had argued in the High Court that it may be difficult for those patients who live far away, for a second sitting. But the lawyers have argued that the very concept of aborting at home is dangerous and may not be advisable.

The court did not allow the such a change of law and had turned down the petition of BPAS.

With technology guiding us into the 21st century, in many instances across the world, women pop the pill regularly without understanding the side-effects of too many contraceptive pills. What’s alarming is the increased use of the birth-control pill among teenage girls, which leads one to wonder why girls this young are not playing it safe and taking such risks.