‘I Am Number Four’ ranks second at the box office


UK Today News: Sci-fi thriller ‘I Am Number Four’, in spite of not much earnings at the box office, has earned the rank of being number two. The movie stars new comers Alex Pettyer and Dianna Agron.

The movie so far has earned $19.5 million, while many suggested that the movie would earn somewhere in the mid-higher twenties. ‘I Am Number Four’ came as a surprise package for the audience who quite understandably did not have many expectations for the movie- considering the fact that there is no star cast here.

However, the movie proved that it takes more than a good marketing campaign to make it successful. Many said that the movie was similar to the movie ‘Twilight’, but ‘I Am Number Four’ was much better in terms of romance and excitement.

The movie earned $3.3 million overseas, which is reportedly three times more than a normal movie earns outside. The film has proved to be a huge success this weekend. The movie was also benefitted as most of the schools were closed this weekend.


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