Bilinguals cope better with Alzheimer’s disease than monoglots


UK Today News: It is always good to learn new languages and this has now been proved by researchers that people who can speak more languages, can keep away Alzheimer’s disease for a long time.

The researchers also said that children who are bilingual, perform better while multitasking. According to the researchers, people who learn more than one language and speak those languages regularly are less likely to develop dementia than those who spoke only one language.

The study has said that bilingual people have the capacity to keep away Alzheimer’s away for four extra years on an average, when compared to people who spoke just one language. Ellen Bialystock, a psychiatrist in Toronto said that children who used their second language regularly, perform better while multitasking.

Ellen also added that normally it was seen that age was the major factor to invite Alzheimer’s disease, but bilinguals will be just a step ahead than the monoglots in keeping the disease away for bit longer.

Looks like it’s time to learn that language you always wanted to speak.