Does drinking coffee increase your blood pressure? Probably not, says new study


UK Today News: In some good news for all coffee lovers, a new study states that drinking numerous cups of coffee in a day will not shoot up the blood pressure. Earlier, certain experts had said that drinking coffee could lead to high blood pressure and even hypertension, which may in some cases lead to heart problems and short life expectancy; but newer research has refuted such claims.

According to a recent US report, people who consumed several cups of coffee pose no threat of high blood pressure. A data of more than 170,000 people along with six studies was collected by the researchers. The participants were asked how many cups of coffee they had consumed each day. Later on, they were followed for 33 years. Data of the people who drank more coffee was compared to people who had less coffee. The researchers found that the ones who had consumed more coffee, were no different from those who had less coffee.

But another research team from Louisiana State of University School of Public Health had said that the relationship between coffee and blood pressure was complicated. The researchers had said that different people from different genetic backgrounds respond differently to coffee. For some, it may be safe to have coffee, but it may not be safe for all people. As with most research, there are ups and downs to the results.