Social networking websites banned in several offices in Britain


UK Today News: Social networking is a part of each and everyone’s social life. But in some bad news for the regular people on Facebook and Twitter, many of the work places in the UK have banned their employees from accessing these social networking sites.

A study made this revelation that most of the offices are now strictly against the idea of allowing their employees to log onto Facebook and Twitter. The research was carried out by HCL Technologies, along with Lewis PR.

According to the study, 63% of the employees who had participated in the study had confessed that they were prohibited from opening the social networking sites during working hours. However, the surprising factor was the actual reason behind the prohibition.

The employees had said that their employers had feared that the companies reputation would be affected through the social network. And the productive reason did not bother much to the companies. The employees had added that the bosses had feared that some derogatory remarks would appear on the sites, which would in turn spoil the reputation of the company. The conclusion of the study came like the interest of the employee was given less interest and that the reputation of the company was given more importance.

In other case studies it was found that since employees tend to spend a large chink of their times on social networking sites, their overall productivity reduced, which led to the ban of such websites in several companies.

That’s not big loss for employees, considering the fact that GPRS is still available.