13-year-old boy invents door bell to trick burglars


UK Today News: A 13-year-old school boy Laurence Rook, has invented a unique door bell aka ‘Smart Bell’, which is a device that is connected to mobile phones. The door bell thus helps the house owners to avoid missing important deliveries and visitors.

The Smart Bell, when activated or rung, dials the phone number of the house owner, who can also talk to the person who is standing outside the door. The door bell gives an impression that some one is there at home like an intercom.

And if the house owner is out, then the inbuilt SIM card calls the owner after 10 seconds, after which you will be able to answer. Apart from missing the important deliveries, the device can also help in tricking burglars.

While most of the burglars ring the door bell first so that they come to know if the person is there at home. Since the device sounds like an intercom, the burglar would think that some one is actually at home speaking to you. The 13-year-old lad thought of the idea when his mother was fed up of picking up the deliveries from the post office. The product has been sent to China and has also signed a deal with some of the companies.