Extremely rare Venus eclipse to occur on Thursday


UK Today News: In one of the rare phenomenons to be witnessed on Earth on Thursday, the planet Venus will be eclipsed by the Moon, and this can be seen from the Earth. An official from the Science Popularization Association of Communicators and Educators (SPACE) has said that such an eclipse is called the occultation.

The official said that the occultation is very similar to what happens in a normal solar eclipse, when the moon covers the Earth. Till now, various occultations of the planet Venus have occurred at night time. But what makes this one so special is that it is going to occur in broad day light. The occultation will take place on June 30th somewhere around 8am in the UK. In terms of the visibility in the other countries of the world, the occultation can be seen in the countries like Middle East, Asia and Africa.

According to the official, the occultation will be seen in Africa before sunrise, while the other countries can see the occultation in the day time. The first place where the occultation will be seen is in Tripoli in Africa. The SPACE official added that it will be a great opportunity for the amateurs to witness the rare phenomenon of occultation in broad day light.