Facebook blamed for one third of divorces in the UK?


UK Today News: In recent times it has been observed that the most happening social networking website, Facebook, is cited as the reason for a third of broken marriages in the UK today. Moreover, Facebook is also used as a source of evidence in divorce cases.

According to a law firm Divorce Online, 33% of the behavior based petitions that were filed had mentioned the social networking site. Mark Keenan, the managing director of the law firm, said that Facebook has now become the primary method for communicating with friends for many people.

Keenan added that people start talking with their ex flames, start off with innocent talks which ultimately lead to trouble. The managing director also observed that the social networking sites are also the easiest places to flirt with people of the opposite sex.

On social networking sites, one of the most common problems is when the spouse finds flirty messages or pictures of their partner at a place they did not know or with someone they shouldn’t have been with. It was also observed that if you have hidden something from your partner, then Facebook becomes the easiest way to find out hidden facts.

Facebook now can be used as an evidence for unreasonable behavior.