BMW recalls MINI Cooper S models in the UK


UK Today News: German luxury car maker BMW has recently called back more than 29,800 of its Mini Cooper S and Mini John Cooper Works cars in Britain. The cars have been recalled after the detection of a potential fault in an engine water pump.

The recall of the cars worldwide applies to the 2006-11 Mini Cooper S and John Cooper Works models. The cars have been recalled after the quality control checks spotted a fault with an additional water pump fitted in each vehicle.

The company released an official statement in which it mentioned that the water pump is drawing residual heat out of the turbo charger after the engine has been switched off and this prevents carbon build-up of the oil in the bearing.

In cases of high operating temperatures, an electro migration can occur at the circuit board, which is installed in the additional water pump. The statement further added that the electro migration is caused by plastic additives in conjunction with the high temperatures and can also lead to a failure of the additional water pump. Moreover, this can also lead to smouldering and the possibility of fire cannot be ruled out. The company clarified that there have been no accidents and injuries related to the issue.