Ricki Gervais says he will never host Golden Globe Awards again


UK Today News: English comedian and actor Ricki Gervais, who is the star of the 2012 Golden Globe Awards, has reportedly stated that he never wants to host the awards ceremony ever again. Gervais described his experience as a ‘parachute jump’.

The British comedian hosted the 2012 Golden Globe Awards this year for the third time. Gervais also got in to a controversy after a series of a near-the–knuckle remarks on some of the biggest names taken in Hollywood. This year, the ‘Ghost Town’ actor was criticized for not being funny enough. One of the critics also stated that his performance felt ‘forced and heavy handed’.

In response to the criticism, Gervais wrote on his blog that he had a blast, but he did not want it to do it again and has instructed his agent to never to let him be persuaded to host the Golden Globe Awards again as it is like a parachute jump. The host added that he enjoyed it in retrospect when one realises that that it was quite an amazing experience.

Ricki rose to fame as the star as well as co-creator of the BBC sitcom ‘The Office’. The actor said that the audience thought that his gags only seemed rude and nasty, but were actually not scary.