Adele to return to singing post surgery


UK Today News: British songstress Adele disappointed her fans last year after she was forced to cancel her US tour due to her throat ailment. The ‘Someone Like You’ singer had to undergo throat surgery for a hemorrhaged polyp in her throat.

Adele had to stay silent for weeks and has now recovered to return to her favourite world of singing. Post surgery, the singer has returned with her voice on CBS This Morning.

The morning show showed a clip of Adele’s upcoming appearance on 60 Minutes on February 12, 2012. The clip has shown the singer with the capella version of her hit ‘Rolling in The Deep’ to the host Anderson Cooper.

This was indeed a good answer to those who doubted that the singer might not be able to make it after such a long rest. Adele managed to sing not just one or two lines, but sang the whole minute with her immense, soulful and sweet voice. Last week the singer tangled in a Twitter fight with Karl Lagerfeld, who said that “She is a little too fat,” to which the singer answered that she never wanted to represent the models of the cover magazines and that she represents the majority of women and is also very proud of it.