Usher urges fans not to buy Adele’s 21?


UK Today News: With the never ending progress of breaking records of the British songstress Adele, the singer has now given sleepless nights to American singer Usher, who currently holds the record of the Best Selling album. Usher has now allegedly started appealing people not to buy Adele’s popular album ’21’ so that she does not break his record.

The 33-year-old at present holds the record for having the best selling album for his 2004 LP ‘Confessions’. Now that the British singer is fast approaching towards breaking Usher’s record, the dancer and actor is supposedly made an appeal to his fans with a hope that they will not buy Adele’s album.

While speaking to Capital FM, Usher said that he is keen to hold his ten year long record. Even on the Breakfast Show, the singer told the hosts Lisa Snowdown and Dave Berry that he has told a few people not to go an buy Adele’s album as he does not want her to go and break his record.

However Usher added that he actually loves her and unfortunately she is the closest to breaking his record for the last ten years. During the interview, the American singer revealed that he has teamed up with a UK super producer Labrinth on a track for his album.