Brookside actor Brian Regan imprisoned for lying in murder investigation


UK Today News: British actor Brian Regan, known for playing the role of Terry Sullivan in the series ‘Brookside’, has been recently jailed. The former ‘Brookside’ actor has been jailed for lying to the police while investigating gangland murder. Regan was recently cleared of charges of murder the Liverpool Crown Court, for his role of killing a night club doorman Bahman Faraji.

The 53-year-old was convicted of preventing the course of justice and also disposing a pair of gloves he wore on the night. The actor had even admitted driving the gateway car in the shooting. Regan has now been sentenced a total of four years and ten months in prison. Mrs Justice Nicola Davies lifted reporting restrictions put in place to avoid prejudicing the trial of another defendant , Jason Gabbana. Jason was convicted of murder. The Liverpool Crown Court had found Gabbana guilty of murder.

The victim was accused of Gabbana’s defense of drug dealing and also running an illegal protection racket. The victim was then gunned down at close range after he was lured by the murderer to a pub. Regan even confessed that he drove down the gunman to and from the scene, but then lied to the jury that he did not know that his passenger was carrying shotgun and was planning to kill Faraji.

Regan was once known for his curly hair and had even inspired a generation of men in Liverpool for his hair. The actor got hooked to cocaine and began dealing with drugs so as to fund his habit after his career came to an end.

Regan denied the murder charges along with Lee Dodson, Heffey and Simon Smart. Dodson was Regan’s best friend and also supplied drugs to the actor , but was not found guilty in arranging for Regan to drive the getaway car.