Titanic’s blue necklace up for grabs in YouTube contest


UK Today News: Remember the beautiful Heart of the Ocean Necklace worn by English actress Kate Winslet in the 1997 block buster movie ‘Titanic’? After the 3D re-release of the movie, the studio will now give away one of the six necklaces worth $15,000 in a YouTube contest. Popular jewellery designer Daniel Espinosa has been commissioned by Fox Mexico to recreate the breathtaking piece of jewellery.

Reports say that the necklace will have a blue, heart shaped zirconia which will be fenced by 106 diamond cut zirconias set in sterling silver. Five of the six necklaces will be auctioned to private collectors, while the sixth one will be up for grabs in an opportunity for the public through a competition through the popular video streaming site Youtube. The details of the contest are yet to be announced.

In Titanic, the necklace plays a vital role which is used to attract a beautiful English aristocrat Rose Calvert played by Kate, who falls in love with Jack Dawson played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The necklace then appears in many of the scenes including the one in which Jack paints a nude picture of Rose and also in the scene when Rose’s fiancé accuses Jack of stealing the treasure. The nude scene of the movie released in the year 1997 was considered too explicit for the Indian audience and has been reinstated for the international version of the film’s release. The idea of including the Heart of the Ocean in the movie was actually inspired by a real life story of a Titanic passenger.

The passenger Kate Florence Phillips was given the blue diamond necklace by her married lover before he died when the ship sank. Last week the 3D film’s premiere was held in London which was attended by most of the cast including Kate Winslet, Billy Zane and director James Cameron.