Lily Allen to release new music album?


UK Today News: English recording artist Lily Allen has recently sparked rumors that she might make a return for her fans and make a possible musical comeback. Allen was recently spotted at the London recording studio and sparked off rumors of a possible new album.

In the year 2010, the ‘Smile’ singer waved good bye to the music world to concentrate on her fashion career. Later the singer got married and also had her first child.

Close friends of the singer said that she was spotted at the North London Studios RAK and have claimed that writing for Bridget Jones Musical has made her pause her thoughts about her retirement from music. A friend said that Lily has been in the studio trying different sounds and also writing new tracks.

It was also added that she is not at a stage where she can start recording, but the new album is definitely on the way sometime and there are chances that the new album could be released in the upcoming year. Friends also said that when Allen retired, she thought that she would never record again, but then she started off writing for the new Bridget Jones musical. Since her last album, the life of the singer has changed a lot and now he has a different perspective.