Alexandra Burke hires extra police after death threats


British pop singer Alexandra Burke was forced to hire police protection. The former X Factor winner had received online death threats after which the singer had to hire police for protection.

This week the R&B singer had dared to put a brave face for the launch of her new lip gloss range, even after the menacing posts on the social networking site. During the launch of her lip gloss range, the singer was surrounded by extra security, after she received online death threats.

The online message read, “I’m coming, and I’ll murder you! I’m going to kill you tonight, gonna stab you”. Since then the Twitter user’s account has been suspended, while some of the close friends and family managed to respond to the anonymous tweeter.

The brother of the singer responded, “‘I’ll be there tonight, I Dare you to try bring harm to Alex… And see what will happen! Don’t f**k with us”. However, the management of Alex did nnot want to take any chances and hired extra security for the event which took place at the Rose Club in London. The police officers met the singer outside the venue and there wasn’t any incidents reported during the event.