Simon Cowell gifts former fiancé £5 million house


After the end of a stormy relationship, British producer and TV personality, Simon Cowell will give giving his ex-fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy a £million gift. The make-up artist and Cowell got separated and also ended their wedding plans after a series of arguments.

Journalist Tom Bower in an unauthorised biography said that Cowell promised to transfer the ownership of his Beverly Hills use worth £5 million to his former fiancée as a compensation. During the weekend reports claimed that the X Factor producer had slept with Danni Minogue.

Cowell has been engaged to Hussainy since early 2010. Simon reportedly said about Mezhgan that he put her in the public eye and attracted plenty of attention to her.

Cowell added that he had to be sensitive about her position and that he did not want to hurt her family, with whom he had become very close. Bower had spent about a year interviewing friends and family of Cowell for his book ‘Sweet Revenge’ and Cowell himself. The book also described that the engagement to Hussainy was a ‘big mistake’. On the other hand Minogue expressed that she was not happy about her claims of her affair being described in the book.