Kym Marsh forgives fiancé Lomas for being unfaithful


After Jamie Lomas was photographed in a hotel with another woman, fiancé Kym Marsh said that she has forgiven him. Marsh admitted that she was angry and upset when the pictures were made public in a newspaper of Jamie, when he was seen asleep on a bed with a girl.

Jamie in clarification told OK! magazine that he had been out to party with friends, who invited the girls back to their hotel and fell asleep. But the girl then took the advantage of the situation. Kym said, “Of course I was annoyed, upset and angry – any woman would be. I was annoyed that he let himself get in that situation, I was annoyed that there were girls in his room, but I trust him and there’s no way he’d cheat.

But then the actress said that she has forgiven him for that mistake and that he known that he was wrong. Even Jamie said that he loved Kym and his family and would not do anything to jeopardise that.

Earlier this year Kym denied the reports that her marriage with Jamie was on the rocks, when he had been to Los Angeles. The couple has been engaged for more than two years and have now set a date for the wedding this summer.