Michael Caine locked in attic overnight after shooting


English actor Michael Caine, while shooting for his upcoming movie, at the shooting set and was trapped overnight. The 79 year old actor was shooting for ‘Now You See Me in Low’s State Theatre in New Orleans.

The actor reportedly fell asleep after the shoot and when he woke up from his nap, he found that that the entire crew had left without him and locked the doors and left him in the dark. Sources from the production unit said that after a long day of shoot, Michael decided to have a nap upstairs.

But unfortunately the actor did not hear the directors calling a wrap and was left behind in the dark. The production took it for granted that he was safe in his trailer outside. When Michael woke up he found himself locked in the dark and could not even make a call as his cell phone was in his trailer.

The actor shouted out for help but he had no option than to wait until morning for someone to come and rescue him. An onset carpenter came to his rescue when he returned to the sets to retrieve his tools. Caine that morning was given an off to recover.