Kim Kardashian allows Alan Carr to touch bum to prove its real


American socialite Kim Kardashian who, is in London to promote her products, was recently caught by TV personality, who questioned her about her famous butt. Kardashian clarified that she is not having any implants and that it is her famous assets from her Armenian roots.

Kim and Alan caught up together on ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man tonight’. During the show apart from her bum the socialite was also questioned about Kanye West, which was tactfully dodged.

Kim said that she has the best bum in the world. The TV star added, “It’s weird to think of yourself like that. But … I do work out all the time. I also think it’s like an Armenian thing, it runs in the family … we are all really curvy. So I thank my roots for giving me a big butt!”

Alan was one lucky man, as he was allowed to touch her famous bum and the TV personality did not let go the opportunity and grabbed a handful to prove that her bum wasn’t fake. The show host showed plenty of Kanye West pictures, but still Kim remained silent and even looked embarrassed when she was questioned on the love bytes.