Anish Kapoor’s London house occupied by protestors


Indian-based British sculptor Anish Kapoor’s house has been pre-occupied by the Bread and Circuses group to hold arts event in the house. This could also be called a summer protest linked to the Olympics.

A group connected to the Occupy movement has occupied an empty Georgian house which is owned by the Olympic park sculptor Anish Kapoor for a one day Arts event. The group argues that the Olympics are a means of distracting people from pressing economic and social issues.

It said that it had liberated the part derelict five storey house on Lincoln’s Inn Fields, which is one of central London’s most beautiful as well as expensive garden squares. The group which calls itself Bread and Circuses said that the house has been empty since the artist bought it in the year 2009.

Kapoor is listed as the director of the company called 1-2 Lincoln’s Inn Fields Ltd. The bulk of the £22.7 m cost of the steel sculpture was met by Lakshmi Mittal, the steel billionaire. It is five storey high with an enormous iron door and covered windows. There are also many enormous rooms on the ground floor with a stair case climbing through the centre. The wallpapers are pealing while the wires hand threateningly from the ceiling.