Amy Winehouse was planning baby with Blake Fielder


A letter from the deceased British singer Amy Winehouse has revealed that the singer wanted to have children. Mother of Blake Fielder-Civil, has revealed the letter saying that it was written by Amy to her son, expressing her wish to have children.

Georgette Fielder –Civil said that she has seen love letters from Winehouse, in which she has described her longing for a child. It was further revealed that in one of the letters Amy wrote that Blake was definitely getting her pregnant within two months.

Winehouse also talked about conceiving the baby which they would call Lucky on Valentine’s Day. Fielder and Winehouse first met in the year 2005 and got married in Miami in May 2007.

The singer and Fielder split two years after the marriage but remained in contact till her death last year in the month of July due to alcohol poisoning. Georgette also revealed that the letters were sent between late 2008 and mid 2010, before Blake went to prison for a 32 month sentence after he was convicted for burglary and fake gun possession. She also said that Blake did not have a good reputation, but he and Amy were in love but it was drugs which got them away.