Nancy Kerrigan’s brother Mark Kerrigan Charged in Father’s Death


Olympic skating star Nancy Kerrigan’s brother has been reportedly charged with assaulting their father, who was found unconscious in his home and died a few hours later.

Police say that Mark Kerrigan started fighting with his father when he supposedly didn’t let him use the phone.

The report says: “He said that he struggled with his father and put his hands around his father’s neck and his father fell to the floor.. He said that his father was faking it.” Mark was allegedly intoxicated.


The obituary of Nancy’s aged father of Daniel Kerrigan, 70, still is under investigation. However, Mark has not been charged with murder as of now since the cause of death is yet to be determined – the police are awaiting an autopsy.

Police report state that there were pictures knocked off the walls and also blood stains could be found at the place where Daniel Kerrigan was found.

Mark Kerrigan is apparently scheduled to appear in court this morning.