Lily Allen accepts handwritten apology after Twitter spat


English recording artist Lily Allen is no stranger to Twitter fights. The latest spat of the singer was with a serving soldier. Allen was being accused for being a racist but the whole spat ended with flowers and was also one of the most serious rows yet.

The whole row involved official army investigation, complaints to the ministry of defence and a host of accusatory racist tweets from both sides. At a point the singer was even considering to leave the social networking site.

But on July 13, Allen announced that the whole row has been settled and that she has accepted a hand written apology along with a bunch of flowers from Sniper Lance Corporal Hary Wilson. Wilson had posted on the social network, ‘All the best with your new family just seen you bought s*** I meant adopted a child from Africa #hero.’

To which Allen replied, ‘Do you condone @harrywil2010 racist comments? His profile says he is in the British Army. he needs disciplining.’ The comment was then reported to the Ministry of Defence by Allen. But the action then opened her up to a heap of abuse from her followers, who slammed her for reporting the tweet.