Mitch Winehouse confesses he was in shock after his daughter’s death


Mitch Winehouse, the father of the deceased British singer Amy Winehouse, recently revealed that he suffered a major break down after his daughter’s death. Amy died last year from alcohol poisoning.

Winehouse spoke on the first anniversary of his daughter on July 23, 2012. The singer’s father said that he was in shock for the first four or five months after her death and was also diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

Winehouse explained, ‘I was having flashbacks. This is the stuff our soldiers are facing every day,’ and added, ‘I’ve managed to dispel those images and now I remember Amy as she always was, even during the dark times.’ The 60 year old was also keen to stress that a hologram of his daughter performing on the stage is unlikely.

Mitch also spoke that he does not want to go and see the Sinatra one which his daughter did and added, ‘I won’t rule anything out though. We do need to raise money for the foundation.” The father of the late singer also stressed that everything they do has to be done tastefully and they certainly don’t want to rip anybody off for sure. On the other hand the figures have shown that Winehouse has sold 1.2 million albums in a year since her death.