Mitt Romney visits London for US presidential campaign


British Prime Minister David Cameron on July 26, 2012 met the Republican candidate Mitt Romney for the US presidential elections. Cameron met Romney during his campaigning and fundraising visit to London.

David and Romney met at the 10 Downing Street after the Republican candidate appeared to question Britain’s readiness to host the upcoming Olympic Games. Romney told a US television station there were disconcerting signs and it was hard to know how well it will turn out.

The candidate told the prime minister that he was inspired by the enthusiasm of the British people who have lined the route of the torch relay before the opening ceremony which will be held in July 27, 2012. Romney and Cameron began their talks at the White House Room of Number 10 which has a view on to the stadium.

Cameron said, “I’ve been over to the park today, it is looking good, I’ve been at every stage and you can never quite believe it’s going to make it, so when it does, it’s great.” The Prime minister added that the Olympic Torch would be coming to the Downing street later in the day but the politicians are not allowed to touch it as it is about the people and the athletes.