Naked pictures of Prince Harry published on internet


In some great embarrassment for the Royal family, some pictures showing Prince Harry and a young woman naked in a hotel room have been published on the internet. The images were taken when the royal was in Las Vegas, when he was enjoying a private break over the weekend.

In the first photograph, Harry is shown wearing just a necklace and a wristband with his hands on his genitals along with a topless woman who is seen standing close behind him. In another picture, the prince is believed to be hiding himself behind an unknown a woman who is also naked.

The controversial images were published by the celebrity gossip website TMZ which claimed that the pictures were taken on August 17, 2012. The website has claimed that the pictures were taken when Prince Harry and his fellow mates met some women in a hotel bar and invited them up to the Royal’s suite.

The group reportedly were playing a naked game and someone in the party had captured the images of the Prince on a camera phone. St James Palace confirmed that it was Harry in the pictures but denied to comment further on the issue. The photographs surfaced after Prince Harry took a long weekend break in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.