Red Dwarf X premiere becomes UKTV’s most watched programme


The launch of the Red Dwarf X series on October 4, 2012 attracted stellar ratings for UKTV channel Dave. The series then became the most watched program in its 20 year history.

It has been 13 years since the Red Dwarf has been on screens but now it seems like the fans of the sci-fi comedy movie have not lost interest for the show as it made its huge come back last night. On an average some 1.46 million viewers had tuned in watch the premiere episode.

The viewership had represented a 6.3 % share of the total viewing audience and made it the second most watched program ever shown, after Red Dwarf’s 21st reunion special which was shown in the year 2009.

Before the premiere of the show, Craig Charles , who stars in the series, had praised the spectacular writing and execution of Red Dwarf X. Craig said, ‘The writing is right up there with some of the best ever written for the series. It’s exceeded my expectations. And of course with technology moving on so much, it makes it look spectacular’. The star added that he is the only one who has got a bit of youth left while Kryten is crammed full of software these days.