O2 to emit and replace Central User Database


UK based telecom operator O2 said that it will abolish and replace a key part of its infrastructure. The decision was taken by the telco after there were complains of network failures which cut off millions of subscribers. O2 is Britain’s largest operator and has 22 million subscribers.

O2 said that it would spend £10 million to replace its Central User Database after it had caused two faults in the past few months. The telecom operator admitted that the incidents had reduced the confidence of its subscribers.

Reports said that in the month of July millions of subscribers were not able to call, text or use their mobile’s internet service for more than 24 hours. The fault once again occurred last week on Friday, as the customers were cut off from the network for almost eight hours.

The Central User Database was provided by a Swedish telecom equipment maker. Derek McManus, the chief operating officer said, “We took important steps with our supplier after the outage in July to prevent a similar fault happening again, and while this issue was not on the same scale, it did impact our customers”. The CEO added that they are not prepared to take another risk, and that the step was taken to benefit their customers.