Obama tweet breaks records


After the newly re-elected American President tweeted that he had won, his tweet was re-tweeted a record number of times, beating Justin Bieber, for the most number of re-tweets ever.

President Barrack Obama tweeted the words ‘Four more years’ along with a picture of his wife, for the world to see. The President’s official twitter account has over 22 million followers, and this caused the tweet to start re-generating almost instantly.

The message was re-tweeted more than 350,000 times and gathered over 100,000 favorite votes as well. Earlier Justin Bieber had tweeted about the passing away of Avalanna Routh, who was a fan of his suffering from brain cancer. Avalanna passed away in September, 2012. Bieber’s tweet had gathered 223,000 re-tweets, thus falling behind Obama.

Yesterday there were over 32 million tweets send in regards to the Presidential elections. Twitter said that the highest activity was recorded at 9.19 p.m. PT, when Obama was first declared the winner. At this point, there were over 327,452 tweets being generated per minute.

The election was being dubbed by many as America’s first ‘social election’, as many votes revealed whom they have voted for on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. People even shared their ballot booth decisions on Instagram, raising some questions about its privacy.

Photo Credit: Twitter